With artist Hazel Bell-Koski

Shamanic Painting, Cultural Connections - Hazel Bell-Koski & Dalva Lamminmäki in conversation

21.12.2013 Toronto, Canada

Video by Greg Macdougall, http://EquitableEducation.ca

Hazel Bell-Koski is a multidisciplinary artist, transormative educator, and intergenerational community weaver. Her first language in colour.  

"I express my love and knowing through colour, images, painting, silk screening, alter building, spirit flag making, talking story, sitting in circle, listening, observing, and being
i am an artist, storyteller, educator, and arts based facilitator 

let's celebrate together 
and become mature human beings within the cosmic story
a new earth IS possible 
if we all agree to cultivate our own particular gifts and 
make compassionate and life affirming decisions 
we were designed for this 
all of the tools we need are within 
all of our middle names are courage 

in deep gratitude and respect,  
celebration and creation,
light and love, 
hazel "


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