Dalva Lamminmäki  folklorist M.A

I am a MA in Folklore Studies at the University of Eastern Finland specializing in the study of folk healers in Finland. 
Finnish folk culture and traditions revives many ancient and largely forgotten or hidden practices. As our modern culture is changing, more and more seekers are discovering the ancient spirituality and are remembering and reclaiming the remaining wisdom.

My interest is in international collaboration and co-creation with artist in all fields of arts but also with people who are looking for information about Finnish traditions and mythology.


I organize small group travels to Finland and you can contact me if you have interest to visit some specific sites or want a guide for mythology walk. More info about small group travel in the page FINLAND- Small group travel.

You can contact me with your ideas and projects. I also give consulting, lectures and workshops in topics of Finnish (Finno-Ugric / Baltic) folk culture, traditions, mythology and cultural symbolism and worldview.

I am The Folklorist        On The Road

Master of Arts (2020)

Cultural Research 

Folklore Studies

Bachelor of Arts (2018)

Cultural Research

Folklore Studies

University of Eastern Finland


Shamanism workshop traditional knowlege drumming circle

Workshops to learn and experience traditional Finno (Baltic)  mythological and shamanistic worldview and folklore.


Finnish mythology and shamanistic worldview lecture

Lectures and speaks for events, meetings and seminars. Tell me your interest or idea and lets plan a topic that keeps audience interested and attentive!


Lapland cloudberry nature wisdom

Global and Local! Add value and interest to your brand with  folklore. A good brand connects people with the stories, customs, traditions, and expressive arts and crafts.