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Lynn Thompson - Living On Purpose podcast

On December 28th, 2013, Lynn met up with Dalva in downtown Ottawa and they walked over to the snowy canal where they stood near many trees to record this brief and intriguing conversation about our relationships with nature, and the purpose of Dalva’s visits to Canada.

# 215 - Meet tradition keeper Dalva Lamminmäki

Lynn Thompson Living on Purpose podcast

January 17, 2014

Lynn Thompson was raised in Ottawa, Ontario in Canada. Two weeks after completing a Bachelor of Arts Degree (major in Philosophy) in 1978, she traveled west with a one-way train ticket across Canada with several stops along the way. For many years Lynn was based on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, growing as a writer, photographer, postal courier and radio host. In May 2012, following her intuition (and the highway), Lynn returned to her roots in Ottawa, where she continues her vocations in radio, photography, writing, editing, cat-sitting, postal delivery and as a card sending coach.

Lynn’s launch into broadcasting began in 2004 and continued until 2009 on community campus radio in Nanaimo, B.C. with the weekly ‘live’ talk show Living on Purpose which is now a podcast (Rabble Podcast Network and WomensRadio) where Lynn offers listeners a nourishing blend of ideas and conversation with guests who include authors, musicians, healers, and philosophers, welcoming both new and established voices.


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