FOLK CAMP CANADA is a registered not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing accessible community programming in the folk arts, with particular attention to the cultural traditions of Eastern Europe. We run ongoing educational programs through our Folk School, as well as coordinate several folk music and dance events throughout the year. We connect folk artists and artisans with schools, community organizations, and festivals, in addition to hosting our annual Summer Folk Camp, our biggest event of the year, a week-long program of workshops and activities. We welcome people of all identities and backgrounds; you don’t need to have Eastern European heritage to join!


to bring people closer to the earth and one another through folk art tradition.

 We envision a growing community built around learning & embracing traditional village ways, through folk art, song, dance, and food. We envision engagement in all the best aspects of village life: communal living, close connection to the earth, creative expression, and meaningful ritual and celebration. By exploring & sharing the cultural heritage of this land, and of Eastern Europe, we preserve and cultivate ancient knowledge & wisdom into a vibrant and spirited living tradition.


Folk Camp was started by the Kosa Kolektiv community in 2014. The camp is a natural extension of the collective's work in the community reviving folk traditions and engaging people in artistic and creative practices that promote healthy vibrant joyful living.  

Kosa Kolektiv began in 2010 as a group of 4 women based out of Toronto, who met together with the purpose of exploring tradition and culture creatively, through community action, and collective art-making.  They crafted, sang songs, cooked, planted gardens, brewed tea, and put on workshops and gatherings to popularize the values of traditional village life among members of the Ukrainian diaspora, and broader Toronto community.  In a short time, the group connected with many other musicians, folk artists, community activators, and passionate people, interested in similar ideas and actions, with whom they joined an urban folk revitalization.  Many of these original collaborators have remained good friends and partners in community projects. Many of them are now part of the Folk Camp team.

In 2016, Folk Camp Canada got its Not-for-profit status.

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