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Shamanic music and ancient instruments

"One important way to connect with our roots and old cultural knowledge is music. For me the drum is a symbolic world egg, that has all the four elements inside of it. As drum skin is from animal who drinks water (elk, reindeer), it has the Water element from the lakes and rivers. It has the Fire element from the sun that has help the food to grow in forest that the animal has eaten. It has the element of Air, the air that animal has been breathing since it was born, and all the winds that it has been living in. There is also the element Earth, in every cell of the animal. For me drumming is way to explore the universal old language as we journey to the ancient knowledge and teachings"


2017 April 22nd

Reykjavík, Iceland

Pagan Ásatrúar and Bön ritual for healing and spirit

Sigurboði And Dalva will perfom an incantation of rune magic through a deep shamanic ritual

calm environment with profound atmosphere. close your eyes and feel the music.

Throat singing, chanting and ritualistic drumming and singing.

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