Shamanic music and ancient instruments

"One important way to connect with our roots and old cultural knowledge is music. For me the drum is a symbolic world egg, that has all the four elements inside of it. As drum skin is from animal who drinks water (elk, reindeer), it has the Water element from the lakes and rivers. It has the Fire element from the sun that has help the food to grow in forest that the animal has eaten. It has the element of Air, the air that animal has been breathing since it was born, and all the winds that it has been living in. There is also the element Earth, in every cell of the animal. For me drumming is way to explore the universal old language as we journey to the ancient knowledge and teachings"


Landvættir. An Improvised Ritual to call the Land Wights for protection (27.2.2017, Iceland)

Sigurboði - Vocals and Percussion
Dalva - Vocals and Percussion
Jorigtu (ᠵᠣᠷᠢᠭᠲᠤ) - Vocals and Morin Khuur

Shamanic Healing Sounds with Sigurboði, Dalva and Jorigtu (22.2.2017, Iceland)

Sigurboði - Vocals and Percussion
Dalva - Vocals and Percussion
Jorigtu- Vocals and Morin Khuur

Sigurboði Grétarsson

has been a musician since he was 11 years old.  He has interest to accoustic instruments and he owns about 40 different kind. Example Hurdy Gurdy, Mandolin, Bouzouki, Flutes, Harp, skin drums and many more. He also sings and do all styles of Throat singing.
Sigurboði is Ásatrúar and has a deep knowledge  about heathen culture and lore in Iceland and he draws inspiration to my music from Ásatrú. He also held a blóts and rituals.

Jorigtu Munhe'Hyrehen
(meaning Fearless and  Eternal Mountains) is born

in a small town in Mongolia, grew up with animals.
Jorigtu plays the Mongolian instruments, such as Morin Khuur, Tovshuur, Modu'Chor, Tsuur, and shaman drums. He is also trained Throat singing professionally at his hometown.

Hes worldview is in Shamanism/Tenggrism, and Tibetan Buddhist  and a bit Ásatrú.

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