For days and nights we talked about rituals, Kalevala, meanings of words, Bear, myths, archetypes and oral tradition. We did build bridges between different culture, language and individual’s. I have a great respect for these two women as they dive in to myths and meanings with passion to the work.


Acheulian Theatre is a meeting between physical theatre artist, Philippa Hambly and performance-maker and art writer, Samantha Jayne Williams.

Both work internationally and between cultures and disciplines. They came to Finland to look for meanings of Kalevala runes and myths behind it. As they say: “An archivist digs into the archives to discover the truth about women. Journeying through the magical landscape of the Kalevala, contemporary and ancient women come to testify to their experience. But are they telling the truth? Or do their stories represent another type of myth? Can truth be recorded? Who is the archivist? And who – or what- is her strange assistant?



                 Picture @Acheulian Theatre

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