Slow northern nature immersion

Kuusamo finland 65°58′0″N, 29°11′0″E

We focus on crafting and organizing programs which reflect the needs of individual group. Our special interest is in the nature and folk culture and folklore. We believe in the values of slow traveling and communal experience, meaning:


  • Experience and learn: We are delving into feeling the connection to the nature, understanding the mythology and traditional folk culture in Finland. We invite you with us to the fire place to hear the Finnish folklore and sound of the drum and sacred places of rock paintings. We take you to visit historical and sacred places, participate excursions to see the most beautiful views in our national parks (Oulanka and Riisitunturi), experience forest therapy, nature meditation and teaching of the shamanistic roots in north, tree breathing, forest yoga, Finnish sauna and introduction to Finnish folk healing tradition, learn about the world of herbal and plant healing and pick your own medicine from the nature.


  • You live like a local: we use local services, eat local food and enjoy true interaction with the local communities 


  • You stay in one location for most of your trip in home accommodation with the group 

By keeping the group size to a maximum of 8 (possible up to 10), we minimize the impact on the fragile sites (national parks and ecosystems). Small group also gives participants possibility for more deeper experience.

You pick your dates, your itinerary, your level of activity and we create the Slow Northern Nature Immersion for you.

Email for a detailed proposal and informal discussion on your group requirements.

Dalva Lamminmäki 


Piritta Liikka

Dalva Lamminmäki
MA student in Folklore studies (Folk healing research),Environmental Operative (Ecotourism), Substance Abuse Counselor (2008- present)
Piritta Liikka
Local nature guide, Yoga teacher
Your home
With a private courtyard and a terrace with nature and northern landscape views.
Your space
We love to cook together and enjoy our time together. There is nothing better than good meal with new friends.
4 seasons
Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. What do you like the most?
Your timing
Lets walk slowly. Lets sit down and breath. We want to hold the space for time and for you.
Local living
Local food, local people and local nature: Key to the real traveling experience.
Shamanistic tradition
Finnish mythology and old knowledge from the ancestors are for everyone. We all can get back to connection to the nature and connection to ourself. Drumming is a heart beat.
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