June 28, 2020

“Beautiful are beings of the underground. Mighty is the folk of water”

Gói is a duo project by Rauni Hautamäki and Iida Mäkelä from South Ostrobothnia, Finland. They create music with an ancient touch and enliven the image of Western Finnish history by telling stories a...

April 6, 2020

"Music on its own can be a source of healing and knowledge" says electronic music musician Teknoaidi.

Teknoaidi, what it means and who it is?

"Teknoaidi is my solo music project that started to form around 2010-2011. The name is a play on the words 'tekno' and the North...

July 20, 2019

What do you think of when your the word...


"I think of the threads of culture that keep me tethered to my people, my kin, and all people. I think of going deep to the place where stories have been formed, the place where customs have been forged, where songs have...

March 1, 2019

Monthly Folklorist On The Road playlist is a collection of songs that I like and also it is for you to discover music that has traditional elements. Playlist includes Nordic folk music, Sámi music, Balto- Finnic music, Slavic music and other similar genres. The Finnish...

February 22, 2019

How do folk healers experience their work and what it means to be a folk healer in Finland today?  It was from these questions, and observations based on them, that my bachelor's thesis came: "The Origin of a Folk Healer - an ethnographic study of the four folk healers...

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I am a MA student in Folklore Studies at the University of Eastern Finland specializing in the study of folk healers in Finland. 
Finnish folk culture and traditions revives many ancient and largely forgotten or hidden practices. As our modern culture is changing, more and more seekers are discovering the ancient spirituality and are remembering and reclaiming the remaining wisdom.

My interest is in international collaboration and co-creation with artist in all fields of arts but also with people who are looking for information about Finnish traditions and mythology.


You can contact me with your ideas and projects. I also give consulting, lectures and workshops in topics of Finnish (Finno-Ugric) folk culture, traditions, mythology and cultural symbolism and worldview.

I am The Folklorist On The Road

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